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P Power of Positive Faith

Are You Good with Yourself?

It’s important to be “good” with yourself. When you are, you are not always worrying about what someone else is doing. You keep yourself out of the middle of “mess” and you are just more productive and free!  People who are good with themselves help others and love the life God has blessed them with.

Listen, I am convinced that miserable people are mad at themselves! The reason that they are mad at themselves is because they are always comparing themselves to others.  They don’t wake up each morning with a bounce in their step; they drag themselves out of bed, dreading the day. It’s those people who say things like, “it’s another Monday” or “ I hate having to go to work” or “I hate my job” or “I hate my boss”.  They don’t even recognize that sayings these seemingly innocent comments sets the stage for the day, or week, ahead. Sometimes you do not even have to hear them speak; watch them; they ooze pessimism.  In simple terms, they are not good with themselves.

So here is my question for you today; Are you good with who you are?  If you are, you probably have no problem facing the day. You see others achieving and you are happy for them. Instead of begrudging their accomplishments, you say that you will be next.  You don’t look at what others have and resent it; you work hard to get what you want, which may or may not be what you see them with. You understand that your journey is yours, their journey is theirs, and that there is enough out in this big world for all of us, so you don’t worry about the successes of others except to say “good for them”.  You know that you will be successful because you want that for others;  you know it will come back to you. You believe in reciprocity, you may not call it that, but you believe that what you send out is what you will get back; what goes around comes around. Therefore, you try to live a life that is happy, fulfilled and purposeful.  You know your purpose because you have learned that getting things isn’t the only thing in life.  You know your purpose because your entire existence is tied to Jesus.  You know who you are and you are “good”.

That’s a mouthful, but I have grown to a place where I am good with who I am.  I am still competitive, but I compete for things that will bring value to others.  When a person lacks confidence, is jealous, vindictive and vengeful, they are not thinking about what they can do for others. Their entire being is about what can be done for them. How they can achieve status, power, money, possessions. There is nothing wrong with any of these; I love them all. The problem comes when these things are one’s total focus and they are achieved at the expense of others.

One scripture in Luke tells us  to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind and all of your strength; this is the greatest commandment.  And love your neighbor as yourself.”  That entire passage is positive. The only way that we will ever be “good with who we are” is when we actually behave according to that scripture.

For me, reading the Bible is mandatory; that’s where I learn the truth and how I am to live. My mind is transformed as I feed it all of the positive messages written there for me.  If my mind is transformed, my behavior will follow.

I don’t know about you, but I am good with who I am. Not because I am all that, but because He is.

Columnist: LaSharnda Beckwith


Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith, PhD, MBAA, MA, BPS, is an Empowerment Advocate, personal life coach, motivational speaker & leadership expert. She knows that in order for anyone to experience success in their personal or professional lives, there must be a fundamental change in attitude. One cannot be or think negatively and expect positive results. In addition, she loves to interact where she can encourage, enable, empower and energize others.  She is a retired executive of more than 26 years with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. She retired as Vice President of Eastern Operations. She is currently a Professor in the School of Management at Texas Woman’s University. She is an author and talk show host. Her new book, When You're Happy With You focuses on helping others find value, build self confidence, self-esteem and confront issues that may be holding them back and is currently available online through, and  Her radio talk show “Living Happy Every Day with Dr. LaSharnda” can be heard on, channel 1.





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