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Gain readers and garner reviews with Booklovers Expanded and NetGalley

in association with Clash of the Titles

Booklovers Expanded  —   Price: $25.00

Are you looking for honest reviews for your new release or back list title? Our exclusive list of lovers of Christian books is the place to find readers who are willing to give an honest review in exchange for a free review copy. You've seen review exchanges before, and they can cost upwards of $150 without guarantee. We want to make this service affordable. For just $25 we'll offer your title to our Booklovers Expanded opt-in reviewers group in exchange for a review. Can we guarantee they'll respond? No. Can we guarantee a positive review? No. Can we guarantee a review at all? No. In order for this not to be a paid-for-review program, the readers have to be free to "take it or leave it" and to post whatever they feel is an honest review. So why the $25 fee if we're not guaranteeing anything. Well, because there's maintenance involved in even offering your book. You can understand that. But, for the nominal fee of $25 and the copies of your book, we'll offer 25 copies to our hundreds of reviewers. (You have the option of offering more than 25 copies, but we recommend 25.) Reserve Your Booklovers Expanded Spot

NetGalley —  Price Range: $29.99 - $44.99

In association with Backlit PR, Clash of the Titles and TWJ Magazine will make sure your book is available to reviewers on NetGalley for one week during your specified month.

Why is the book live for only one week? Clash of the Titles and TWJ Magazine has always tried to provide the best value to authors. Through our affiliation with Backlit PR, we have a system in place whereby we attract the most reviewer requests during the first week a book is featured. To pay for additional weeks would increase the cost of the feature disproportionately to the number of reviewer requests received.

The fee for one week is 29.99. You must provide the proper files. The fee for one week with file conversion to a valid .EPUB included is 44.99.
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