Tuesday, 19 February 2019

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Poetry by Dionne Evans

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For He is always there to make things complete,

Trusting in His tender care,

Is all the dependency that we need,

To help us balance things along the way,

He is the Lord our Shepherd who will uphold us with His right hand,

Who will bear our burdens,

His yoke is easy and His burden is light,

His faithfulness and His mercies are new every morning,

Yes, go ahead and rest, rest beneath His wings.


His Voice I Seek


His voice I seek, that will guide me through each day,

His voice I seek, that will comfort me when I am troubled,

His voice I seek, when I can’t make sense of anything,

For it is His wisdom, clarity and direction that makes things clearer,

His voice I seek, outside of Him there is none other,

He knows the intent of a man’s heart and thoughts,

His voice I seek, when my body is filled with pain,

For He is the only one that can speak a word and become healed in Jesus name,

His voice I seek, who separates truth from fiction,

His voice, His voice, is the voice I seek.

Dionne Evans was born and raised in the suburbs of Greensboro, NC.

After several years of working in the Banking Industry and while working fulltime in an administrative position, she returned to school and graduated from Brookstone College of Business, Greensboro, North Carolina.

Dionne has always had the desire to write, whether it be poetry, or songs for enjoyment. It is a beautiful gift she wishes to share with others.

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