Tuesday, 19 February 2019

F Fic, Non-fic

Poetry by Andrea J. Herbig

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Good Friday

It’s quiet,
Except for the soft patters of rain
The birds sing a sad song this morning,
As the tears of heaven cleanse the dirty faces of the sinful, sorrowful souls
Good Friday
A day to mourn
A day to fast
Sirens in the distance, cars zooming in a hurry
Do people know what day it is?
I’m afraid not, my child
Good Friday
A day of reflection
A reminder that today you are loved,
Wrapped in the veils of hope for you will never be forgotten.
It’s quiet
Except for the soft patters of rain
Do not cry this morning, for I am crying for you.

Mascara Eyes

Mascara eyes blue as day
Wiping away the last cry
She walks the bay
Reflects your sky
Continues her way
Evening is just a sigh, is all I could say.
Tomorrow you will fly high,
But today is just a dream away.

Hopeful and Inside a Box

A new day is gone
It slipped between my fingers
In a blink of an eye
Forever seen in a cloudy memory
Nothing is ever fair
Nothing is ever fair.

Holding onto the last hug inside my soul…
The last meaningful hug
I knew I had to let go…
You are my best friend, I thought
But I don’t think I’ll ever think of you the same way.
My mother raised me to see the best of everyone.
And I do.
I see your kindness, your compassion and your care.

You are a gift to me, unwrapped and fee of the ribbons, bows, ties
And the box that held you inside.
My arm is reaching out of the box.
I am not entirely free.
Will you be my friend again and accept me as your gift?

Andrea grew up in New Jersey and has a degree in English from Kean University and
is an instructional assistant for students with autism. She enjoys hiking, bike riding
and dancing. She teaches ballet on the side and has a poem in "The Voices Project".

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