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F Fic, Non-fic

Poems by Karina Guardiola Lopez

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Liberation, was not seen in the camps of concentration,

nations not eligible to the standards of the elite,

children separated and running from genocide, seeking freedom as they flee.


Liberation, was not seen in the eyes of an innocent child’s perception,

halos hung from trees, a boy tightened his eyes but still heard the yells and screams,

he held onto his pendant, it is the same as the one outside, but surrounded by flames and the sounds of cries.


Liberation, was not seen as the settlers explored and took their vacations,

A little girl waved at a floating object at sea,   she saw the flags wave back from her perception it seemed,

Men exchange and trade with schemes and tricks, a wholesome land now infested and sick.



the sufferings of our past generations,


learning new languages

and learning translations,

stories and memories with tears and perspiration,

the encountered of hateful hands and termination,

perhaps strangulation,

perhaps suffocation

and definitely,  humiliation,

gave us the right to say the word…


Karina Guardiola Lopez is a performance poet, writer, lyricist and author. She has been writing and over 15 years and has been performing since the early 2000's. She stepped away from the scene for almost a decade and has returned with new works. She also known by her pseudonym Eleven Lopez. She is also the author of two self published books, Poems, Prose and Phases and Journals and Journeys of a Writer/Rider, under her publishing label K1ink. with Lulu Press. Both books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and


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