Tuesday, 19 February 2019

F Fic, Non-fic

Poems by Kim Commissaris

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I survey my own child-like, muddled effort

To manipulate the stiff sheet

And watch it contort.


I re-orient the paper,

With fingers that tangle,

And ensnare, my little piece of earth.


I ask, “When will mine be like yours?”


“Paper is patient,”

he replies.


On the Trail by the River

Passing on the trail by the river,

I met a moment’s silence.


His eye contemplated the depth,

His wings rounded in an engulfing descent;

He landed, settling in the shallow.


The two of us,

Anchored in stillness,


As the blues and whites of his form flow

And swell above

His two stems.


My breath caught, and I hesitated,

Coordinating my pace to his,

Each footfall more significant and

Distinct than before.


With a camera, I could have

Captured him, transfixed

In recollection.


But we, anchored in memory,

Eyes contemplating the depth,

Wings rounding in engulfing descent;

Land, and settle in the shadow.

Kim Commissaris holds a bachelor's degree in English from Grace College and Theological Seminary and is native of Kalamazoo, Michigan currently pursuing a career in teaching English as a Second Language. She has a love of language and linguistics and believes in the power of written and spoken word.

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