Tuesday, 19 February 2019

F Fic, Non-fic

Poems by Carol Hamilton

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I wait to hear its distant growls,
Its dark echoes as it prowls.

Birds now talk against its call
While treble winds stroke house, say, "All

I need is air and roof to sing
Duet with bass continuing."

Low snarls get smaller by the mile
With no distortion all the while.

Sky reverberates complaints in song,
Beloved deep octaves: antiphon.


The Need for Storage Units

Those glossy green leaves shoot up again,
will slip right out of rain-softened soil,
each one-tail root white, slippery.
But forget for a day
and they branch everywhere,
a jungle of slick green with purple flowers.
They are as thick and creeping
as the things in my closets,
silently proliferating while I sleep.
People pay good money
to hold their overflow,
and others buy chances
on abandoned units.
They will get junk or treasure.
Either way, it will be all theirs.

Through secret hours stuff spreads
over us. Like a drunk on Friday night,
we shop. Like clover or violets
or sweet autumn clematis,
fecundity has its way.
My daughter lets the green leaves go,
and soon, they look just like a garden.
The closet, too, creeps on
to jammed full and overflowing.
Perhaps someday the landfills
will be called mountains,
and our abundance will grow
past these awkward teenage years.


About the author

Carol Hamilton has upcoming and recent publications in ATLANTA REVIEW, NEW LAUREL REVIEW, TRIBECA POETRY REVIEW, POET LORE, GREEN HILLS LITERARY LANTERN, U.S.1 WORKSHEET,  WILLOW REVIEW, SAN PEDRO RIVER REVIEW, THE PENMEN REVIEW, AUROREAN, COLERE, PRESA, NEBO, MAIN STREET RAG, ABBEY, HURRICANE REVIEW and others. She has published 16 books:  children's novels, legends and poetry, most recently, MASTER OF THEATER: PETER THE GREAT and LEXICOGRAPHY.   She is a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma and has been nominated five times for a Pushcart Prize.

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