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Pendants for Confidence

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It never came off except for weekly dance lessons. Next came the square knotted dark brown hemp cord necklace. White fake ivory or stone carved beads breaking up the dark knots – a small dragonfly the main charm. A conscious choice to wear a symbol from the name welcoming me in the Camp Susque family at age eight.

August 2010, family vacation in Yellowstone. In one of the gift shops we found a teal-winged dragonfly necklace. The silver plating wore away to copper over the many times I fingered it – worried, nervous, thinking, bored.

Christmas, I don’t remember what year, Emily gave me a dragonfly with a straight body and marbled labradorite wings.

Another Christmas, another dragonfly necklace, this one’s silver body curves in a gentle "J" shape. The wings are gemstones – aquamarine or light blue topaz upper wings with peridot lower wings. It matched my dragonfly ring.

A single crystal purchased long ago from Lauray Cavern’s gift store matches the uncertainty of college freshman year. The flawed side and choker chain what I thought matched my new identity. Changed personality as flawed as the crystal. A step away from the young horse lover and dancer, away from the numerous dragonflies and the different representations of me.

A circle of silver surrounds a tree – delicate branches spreading inside the disk about the size of my thumb’s top joint – a present from Kelsey. It reminded her of my stories and the tree I stitched on royal blue linen – the lazy daisy loops for interlocking leaves out of three shades of green thread, split stitch for edging out of the base green and brown and the decorative gold and silver, and satin stitch for bark, roots, arrow shafts, and fletching. Stories dating back to the knotted and hempen cord dragonfly necklace of fourteen. But what it represents changes yet silver remains the same.

Sara K. Bennett is attending Cedarville University for a degree in English and Creative Writing. She loves spending time outside, especially in woods, working on writing projects, and reading a good novel.

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