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My Heart Is a Room

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By my table and chairs stands a balustrade
where the ivy softly grows
and bordering trees cast their cooling shade
as earnestly I compose.


I take the beauty growing here
to paint with words the Truth I know.
Each hope and love,
each crumpled fear
becomes a seed I dearly sow.
* * *
it wasn’t always such a room.
Some time ago I sat afraid,
by a spell of gloom so strong
I feared my life would fade.

For those I loved had gone,
had died,
had left me
quite alone.
Imprisoned by such pain I cried,
I cried by pains
I’d never known.

And slowly Darkness seeped within
to steal what little joy I held,
to haunt
and tempt
and taint with sin
my heart whose hopes now lay dispelled.


I sat alone,
in view of death
which ever closer crawled in greed,
dispensing out its poisoned breath
which nothing could impede.

I glimpsed its spindly form,
its eyes,
Its eyes of raven-hue,
and spied the swarm of hungry flies
that round its body flew.

Close upon my heart death came
crawling past my creaking gate,
closer still
to call my name
to sadly seal my fate.

I sank in torment,
frail with woe.
I sank
among my tomb of weeds
and in despair I cried to know,
          “Oh God, please, won’t you intercede?
          Won’t You take this death away?
          Grant another chance to live?”
And death then slowed to hear me say,
          “Oh please forgive me, God, forgive!


          Forgive my ignorance,
          my pride,
          my judgments rudely-made.”

All my feelings,
like a tide,
were loosened as I prayed.

Then suddenly
a silver ray
broke the haunting gloom.
It slanted on the entranceway
of this my ravaged room.

Then death itself turned round to see
its shadows dissipate.
It moaned. It cowered anxiously
toward my open gate.

For there He stood,
a regal man in robe of white,
with scars upon his wrists and hands,
who wore a crown of purest light
as king of many lands.
Yes, there He stood,
the Prince of Peace.



And oh the stare He lunged at death!
The strike His shepherd’s crook then made!
I watched
and lost my breath
as death raced off

Yes, death crawled off beyond my gate,
beyond my heart,
my life!
My Shepherd-King had worked this feat,
had given death its firm defeat
to end my wretched strife.

How great relief
then round me sped.
How fresh the coming breeze.
The massive weight of sorrow fled.
I found the strength to stand with ease.

His gentle voice then called my name
and asked permission in.
sensing all my guilt and shame,


down I glanced in sin.
Down I glanced before the One
who’d hung in pain for me.
The perfect Lamb.
The Father’s Son.
The One who heard my plea.
          “How can I
          here sit with You?”
I whispered, “I’m unclean.”
           “Remember child, I make all new,”
He said in voice serene.
           “You were forgiven by My Grace
           when you called
           in truth to Me.”
I slowly looked
upon His face and
lost my agony.
I lost my agony of shame
before His Holy Light.
It shone about Him like a flame
in gentle hues of white.

I read His face,
His smiling eyes,
so accepting, warm and wise.
Oh, here I saw the perfect Friend.
Perfect as none other.


The One whose love would never end.
My Healer.

I rushed to kneel before His feet,
yet He pulled me up to His embrace.
How joy and love now felt complete
in this, my heart,
this ravaged place.

He held me clean
then walked me in.
I felt no weight of guilt or sin,
only His love.
Pure love!
Pure joy!
The realization of my dreams.
Intangibles Darkness can’t destroy
with all its spells and schemes.

I cannot say of what we spoke.
Enough to say His mercy reigned.
Enough to say
my life once chained,
now saw the shores of Life-Forever,
shores no soul could ever find
without Him.


No never.

Each ship must have its guiding star.
Each soul His risen Soul to guide.
And I’ve learned Darkness
has worked hard to hide
His words from every heart.

So pray His name and call Him near.
Call His name and let Him steer,
knowing it may take a month or many years
to change your heart to Light,
as it is taking me.

Oh but now I clearly know.
Now I clearly see.
For, every day and every night,
by the dancing candlelight He hung
above my tabled chair,
I wait.
I hear.
His Song and Voice are ever near
to bless my healing heart.
And there’s no love beneath the stars
or across the sea
that could have saved my wounded life
and love me more than He.

Miss Agullo' is a Cuban-American author and artist residing in Winter Park, Florida.  Writing is her passion.  She has written manuscripts for children's books, Christian short stories, and poetry.  Several poems have been published through the years, as well as, short stories.  She likes to include action, suspense, and Christian themes in her writing.  Miss Agullo' has won three awards thus far for her literary work and will be presenting an online exhibit of her artwork soon.  Her email, should you wish to contact her is: <mailto:m>


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