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Landyn Spencer: Home to Chicory Lane

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Warning: Character Sketches Contain Spoilers

Landyn Spencer: Home to Chicory Lane by Deborah Raney

Landyn is the youngest of five children in the Whitman family, and grew up slightly pampered as a Daddy’s Girl.  Only six months into marriage with a man her family barely approved of, she finds herself stunned and ready to leave her husband.

Chase was not quite husband-material according to Landyn’s parents, and they insisted the couple complete actual counseling (not just the required church-sessions) prior to marrying. But no counseling could have prepared Landyn for her husband’s sudden, and solely made, decision to dump their current comfortable home for a tiny artist’s studio in a busier part of New York. She can’t quite believe God called Chase to make this decision without her.  Beyond changing their address without talking to her, which in itself sets her up for a two hour commute to work, Chase quits his job and purchases art supplies to follow his “calling.”


Her entire life has been changed in an instant. The betrayal eats away at Landyn, it’s not only pride that sends her with a trailer in tow back to her parent’s newly remodeled family inn.  It’s the fact that she’s a few months’ pregnant, and sees no room for her or her baby in Chase’s new career path. Or apartment.


         She’d prayed. She really had. Maybe not with the right attitude, but she had to get over this feeling of betrayal before she could utter a genuine prayer. There was no way it could be right for a husband to make a decision of this magnitude without even consulting his wife. No way! Besides, this was not part of the deal. They had a plan and Chase was wrecking it to pieces.

        He claimed he didn’t have a choice. That it was an opportunity he was handed and he had to make a split-second decision. He said he’d only done what he felt God was leading him to do. But that wasn’t an excuse for completely rearranging her life, was it? Even if he did think God told him to. It sounded to her like an excuse to do what Chase wanted to do. And she would not let him set a precedent like that in their marriage.


Landyn grows significantly through the course of this story, realizing her own faults, including keeping her pregnancy a secret.


          But she’d been praying about their future and the decisions they had before them. Maybe it was the fact that she was going to be a mother. Maybe it was going through the hardships with Chase. Whatever the cause, she was grateful.


Will her newfound maturity carry her through some unexpected news and unplanned events?  Landyn has much to consider before leaving the safety and comfort of Chicory Lane.

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